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Friday, October 1, 2010

Brilliant Baby Shower Gift - DIAPER CAKE!

Yes, this gift is brilliantly beautiful because not only is it made of useful pieces, it's totally fun & pretty to look at. It can even double as a centerpiece! One of our friends is about to pop and having her baby shower this weekend, so Helen & I got together and created this! There are lots of online videos/tutorials, so just google this DIY project and personalize it to your friend's shower.
We used about 70 infant/newborn diapers, used a paper towel roll's cardboard center as the anchor for the middle of the cake and accessorized the cake with ribbon to match the shower's theme, little booty socks, and pacifiers. We topped it with a Teddy Bear burp cloth (but you use a big fancy poofy bow for the top)! This was definitely a fun project & we'll be making more of these. (I guess our preggo friends know what they're getting for their shower - hehe.)

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