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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brilliant DIY: How to DIY your centerpieces

If you have the time and energy, DIY-ing your own centerpieces is a BIG money saver - whether it's a floral or non-floral centerpiece. Definitely do your research beforehand though and know your creative limitations. Keeping it simple and beautiful is not only more doable but also more economical!

Research: (1) flowers that are in season around your wedding date, (2) life expectancy or durability of the flowers, (3) cost of the flowers, (4) cost of the accessories: vases, floral foam or tape, votives holders/candles, etc. (5) designs that you think you can do, (6) plan out how you are actually going to carry the project out (ie, when to buy the flowers, how to transport bulk flowers and preserve them, who will help you because you WILL most certainly need help, who will set it up at the ceremony/reception for you). I essentially took a stroll to different wholesale flower markets and local wholesale stores like costco to see what was available to me. I jotted all the information down as I went along. Bring a camera along as well because you might not know all the interesting flower names!

Do a trial!: This is a must. You must know how you are going to do the centerpieces and how long each centerpiece will take to make. Remember, your days before the wedding will be full of other things to worry about, so this project must be very well planned out, so it can be executed with the utmost efficiency.

Here's a sample from my wedding:

Step 1: Buy the flowers

STEP 2: Water in vase.

STEP 3: Alum powder on Hydrangea stem - makes it live longer.

(Part of the research step...Can just ask the florist as well for this information.)

STEP 4: Arrange the as you like!

Here are some of my other DIY floral creations:

(L) Trial bouquet; (R) Cocktail table centerpieces
(Below) Flowergirl mini-bouquet

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